Move-Out Tips & Suggestions

Move-Out Tips & Suggestions

Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Security Deposit

Please keep in mind that we do not want to take your security deposit. We prefer to give back as much as possible because this means we don’t have to do as much work upon your move-out. I think we can both agree that more money for you and less work for us makes both of us happy ūüôā Here are some of the things you can do to make everyone of us happy.

Move-In Ready Condition

Leave your apartment in move-in ready condition. It was cleaned when you moved in, we expect to find it in that condition when you leave. Make sure to clean all appliances (inside and out), toilets, tubs, sinks, countertops, etc. Just remember, if you wouldn’t want to move into a place in the condition you leave it, no one else will either.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind

Do not leave behind any furniture, clothing, garbage or anything else. You wouldn’t want to find someone else’s stuff in your new apartment so please don’t leave behind any of your stuff for us to pick up after.

Patch Holes In The Wall

Fill any small nail holes with putty. If we find a reasonable amount (15 or less) of nail holes already patched and ready for touch up, we do not charge for these. Please do not attempt to patch any holes that are larger than a nail because in most cases, we must remove the patch and re-do it because it does not meet our standards that our residents expect from us. This causes more work on our part and thus more charge to you.

Don’t Paint Your Apartment

Do not attempt to paint any portions of your apartment. Although you will be charged if we must paint your apartment when you move out,  in most cases it causes more damage when a tenant attempts to paint. This will result in more work on our part and thus higher charges for you.

Shampoo The Carpet

Have your carpets shampooed. In most cases, we have the carpets shampooed before each move-in. If your carpets are left in move-in ready condition (i.e. no stains or smells) then this will help tremendously.

Thoroughly Clean Your Apartment

Have your apartment completely clean and ready for us to inspect no later than the end of your lease. Once your lease has ended, the apartment is turned over to our possession and we base your move-out charges on the condition we find it in on this day. If any of your belongings are still in your apartment, we assume you have abandoned them and we have the right to discard them immediately. Please remember that often times we only have a few days to get the apartment ready for the next tenant. If we must delay this next move-in due to excessive filth, clutter, or abandoned belongings then we will charge for the days lost in rent.

We hope that this has helped and we wish you the best in your future endeavors.