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3 Ways to Keep Your Security Deposit

Top Reasons People Lose Security Deposits

I can’t speak for all, but our company loves to give back security deposits! It is our preference that we are able to return it all. This means that the home was returned in good condition and the resident followed the terms of their lease. It is our preference that keys are returned to us and the property is cleaned thoroughly. Unfortunately, some tenants do not always take the time to ensure they are doing everything outlined in their lease.

  • Leaving Behind Personal Belongings – It costs time and money to hire someone to move your things and it costs to dispose of it, too. Take time to ensure all of your things have been removed from the home.
  • Not Cleaning – You’ve lived in your place for over a year, give yourself time to really clean your unit. Don’t forget the oven, refrigerator, tub and toilet. Check out this Move Out Cleaning Checklist from Keep and Share for a thorough list. No time to clean? Consider hiring a professional.
  • Not Giving Notice – Refer to your lease to ensure you are giving your landlord proper notice. Your lease may say your lease ends in May, but it  may also stipulate you give notice of vacancy 60 days before vacating.

If you have any questions about your move out policy, always reach out to your landlord or property management company. They will happily point you in the right direction if your lease is vague or does not outline the move out policy in detail. Take advantage of a final move out walkthrough if it is offered as the landlord may give you the opportunity to correct some minor issues instead of charging it against your deposit.

For more detailed information on all of this, please see our Move-out Tips.