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Unexpected Costs of Moving

Moving can be a very stressful time for anyone! Moving your entire life is definitely a big deal. There are so many details that it is easy to miss everything. Don’t make these unexpected moving costs an oversight!

Deposits and Fees

You’ll encounter many deposits… Security Deposits, Utility Deposits, Transfer Fees, Service Activation fees and of course the Moving Truck Deposit.


Packaging Supplies

Boxes, Tape and Packing Material!


Cleaning Supplies

You’re going to need plenty of cleaning supplies to clean your old place. Don’t forget to stock up on your cleaning basics for the new place: Sponges, dish soap, Trash bags, Paper Towels, a new Broom and Dust Pan, etc..



Depending on the size of your move, it may be a few days before you will get your kitchen squared away. Plus, who feels like cooking after a long day of moving?  You are likely going to be ordering in, or going out for your meals. Budget a little extra for some warm meals!


Window Treatments

Titan Management provides blinds, but not every Property Management company or landlord will provide this convenience.



Did your old place have a built in microwave and the new one doesn’t? You may have to purchase some of the appliances that won’t be furnished. Don’t forget to leave room in your budget for these little conveniences.